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Have Any Questions about the resurrection?

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  1. Does it matter to know the exact day when Jesus was risen? Yes, because if your Jesus not risen after the 3 days and 3 nights sign, your Jesus cannot be the real Jesus but the Impostor (Matthew 12:38-40). Since the day of resurrection serves as primary foundation for the Roman Catholic branch of Christianity and also for the majority of the Protestant branch, if the currently recognized day of resurrection is false so are false the Catholic and the Protestant branches of Christianity. A first day of the week resurrection is the foundation speared by the most popular translations and not by the Greek Manuscripts. Most Literal Versions or Translations report the Greek Manuscript day of resurrection which the first Saturday or Sabbath (Matthew 28:1) of the 7 Sabbaths or Saturdays of Leviticus 23:15. What is the foundation of your faith: the testimony of the Apostles as written in the Greek Manuscripts or the testimony of bad translations of the aforementioned manuscripts?
  2. Do you know that to be saved we must confess with our mouth that Jesus was risen? Romans 10:9-11. 
  3. Do you know that Eve was seduced by falsehood from Satan in doing the opposite of what Jesus asked of them?
  4. Do you know that Jesus did not mandate the observance of the day of His resurrection whether we celebrate Hi resurrection on the correct day or not? Luke 22:14-23.
  5. Do you know that Jesus only mandate the remembrance of His last supper? Luke 22:14-23.
  6. Do you know that the sacrifice of Jesus cancelled or fulfilled all the religious feasts or holidays of Moses because they were also tied to be performed in Israel and within The Temple? Deuteronomy 16:5-8.
  7. Do you know that no human being, no prophet, not even Moses nor the Apostles, has the authority to decree any religious feasts or holidays for observance?
  8. Do you know that you will not be saved if you teach false doctrines or comply with any religious teaching or doctrine of any man? Read Mark 7:7.
  9. Do you know that you are lying on Jesus if you engage in teaching or doing what Jesus did not decree in Moses? Jean 8:44, 1 John 2.
  10. Do you know that Jesus affirm that nothing in the Old Testament may change to accommodate anyone or any generation, that it is easier for our universe to vanish than one dot on an 'i' in Moses to change? In other words, the will of Jesus for mankind is the same from Adam and Eve until the end of this world. Read Matthew 5:17-18 and Luke 16:19-31.